Products & Options

Products & Options

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We offer the widest selection of custom BTE earmolds in the industry. Here are a few of our newest and most popular products.

SlikFit™ [New!]

Platinum M25 [New!]

Microsonic Earmolds Selection Guide

M2000 Platiunum Series Earmolds

Openfit RIC/RITE

Earmolds for Seniors

Our earmolds are custom made to protect your hearing without sacrificing natural hearing. Choose the hearing protection that best matches your need.

LifePlugs™ [New!]

PULSE® Musician Earplugs [New!]

Hearing Protection Collection

SoundDefenders: M25/M35


SoundDefenders: Double Damped B

Pediatric Hearing Protection

Neon-Lite swim molds

Communication Earpiece

Add fun to your custom earmolds! We have the industry’s widest selection of earmold designs, styles, and colors.


Color Chart

Colored Tubing

Silicone Color Combinations

Custom Engravings

Custom Engravings List