Hearing is an irreplaceable gift.

Microsonic provides high-quality custom earmolds to a variety of industries.

Microsonic earmolds will enhance your listening experience, whether used with hearing aids or for high-quality hearing protection. And we fit your style, with the largest selection of custom earmold designs and colors available today. Take a moment to view our Earmold Photo Gallery or take a peek behind the scenes!

CustomFit. CustomStyle. CustomCare.™

Audiologist Online Ordering

See just how easy it is to access our new online Audiologist Portal, and upload your 3D impression scans (we can intake them all) so you can order our signature quality custom molds. Yes, you can still mail us your traditional impressions.

Microsonic offers hassle-free reordering and remakes because we create 3D archives of ALL impressions sent to us, it’s part of our custom care. We hope you enjoy this convenient expedient process!

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Ask Monika.

Microsonic earmolds are simply amazing. My daughter’s custom earmolds fit well, look good, and have given her a new found confidence. Thank you!

Steve D.

I am able to hear well because I have very good earmolds that Microsonic Inc. has made for me over the years. I have over 70% hearing loss in one ear. I am blessed that Mr. Major, Monika Major, and the staff of Microsonic earmold department care about their work. I am thankful.

Scott B.

I was sceptical about changing. But my new custom earmolds are the best fitting pair I’ve ever owned. Microsonic’s earmolds have made all the difference.

Nancy P.

Custom Earmold

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