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The fourth edition went through two reprintings before the revised fifth edition was ready in 1994. Adding nine pages, that Manual included material/style cross reference charts, introduced the "gun" system for making silicone impressions, and listed very completely the approximate fitting ranges appropriate for each earmold style. The case studies were again expanded, and a page of new text covered many non-amplified applications. A section on Musicians Earplugs was added, as was a discussion of how the principles of earmold acoustics remain valid with digital programmable hearing aids. The bibliography doubled and an index was added to make the Manual even easier to use.

In 1998 the sixth edition was released, featuring a full-color cover and a redesigned interior layout encompassing 80 pages. Open-jaw impressioning procedures were added, along with an Impression Material Matrix allowing easy comparisons among materials. A new section on tubing replacement was included, as was an expanded section on hearing protection molds.

Now in 2003, the Seventh Edition has been published. Extending to 96 full-color pages, the Manual has a bright new look. Our Quick Reference Guide to Earmold Selection had been included, and a four-page, full-color Gallery of Earmolds appears near the end. New materials and styles, including the popular hands-free communication molds, have been added and the bibliography has been extensively updated, as well.

To order your copy (free to those employed in the hearing aid industry), phone 1-800-523-7672 or E-mail us at manual@earmolds.com. The CD (compact disc) version of the manual can also be ordered!

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