Custom Earmold Manual

Microsonic's Custom Earmold Manual is widely recognized as the standard reference for practical earmold information. It is, we believe, the most comprehensive, easily understood source available today for useful, reliable earmold help in the hearing aid office. Every aspect of impression making and successful earmold selection and fitting is clearly discussed and fully illustrated to help you provide the hearing impaired with the finest in acoustic performance, comfort and appearance.

A message from the president about the 8th edition:

"To support and strengthen the relationship between fitters and Microsonic, and in the interest of our common goal of achieving the best results for your clients, we present this new edition of the Custom Earmold Manual. Originally published in 1968, it is now used in all 50 states and many foreign nations. This eighth edition includes the most up-to-date and useful information on earmold technology and will guide the conscientious dispenser in the appropriate use of the currently available options."

To order your copy (free to those employed in the hearing aid industry), phone 1-877-376-7139 or E-mail us at The CD (compact disc) version of the manual can also be ordered!

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