Universal Musicians' Monitors

Although Microsonic's Epic™ Universal Monitors fit any ear size or ear type, they have a custom feel about them because of the exclusive patent-pending swiveling nozzle and ultra-comfortable flanged eartips.

There are two models:

The EPIC™ Universal JC is ideal for on-stage performance and critical listening. It is designed for classical musicians, jazz musicians, a capella musicians, acoustic musicians and critical listeners. In addition, the reduction in ambient sound makes them ideal for personal audio devices such as MP3 players, iPod™-type devices, and personal computers.

The EPIC™ Universal X is crafted especially for musicians wanting to hear more bass in the mix and those who crave huge beats. Electric guitarists will especially appreciate the powerful low end of the EPIC™ Universal X. It's designed for them, as well as for bass players, rap artists, drummers, DJs and gamers.

For more information, please go to www.microsonicmusic.com.

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