Custom Musicians' Monitors

There are several benefits to Microsonic monitors for both musicians and personal listeners.

For the musician, you have the freedom to move around. Your monitors will go wherever you go, allowing you to add passion to your performance. The mix at ear level increases fidelity, without the wash of noise from standard floor monitors and the back wash coming from front of house speakers. Our monitors allow the signal, the sound that you hear while performing, to be sent directly to your ear. This allows you to hear the mix you need to perform every time you play.

You won't be fighting the room's acoustics to get your monitors' mix right. This elimination of feedback and reduction of onstage noise levels means lower volume levels. Therefore, when used correctly, Microsonic's monitors are better for your ears and for your long term career as a musician.

Personal listeners can also benefit from the sound isolation provided by Microsonic Musicâ„¢'s monitors. Interruptions from the outside world are minimized, allowing you to experience sound like a producer in a top recording studio. The reduction of ambient sounds means you will also be able to reduce the volume level in your ear, protecting your hearing. You will also enjoy an auditory experience nearly equal to that of a personal live performance.

Made from impressions of the wearer's ears, custom monitors provide the best possible fit and comfort. Custom monitors also provide important sound isolation to help protect the wearer from excessively loud sounds that can cause hearing damage.

  • Personalized earpieces that are made from impressions of the wearer's ear
  • Provides the most comfortable fit
  • Prevents soreness and fatigue
  • Offers up to 25DB of sound isolation

Microsonic earmold technicians have collaborated with engineers to provide the best possible fit and sound quality that anyone can offer.

The single-driver option is designed to provide superb fidelity for listening environments where transparency is the utmost priority. It is ideal for perceptive listeners and performers such as classical, jazz and acoustic musicians.

The dual-driver option is the perfect choice for performers and listeners who want to unleash more bass. Its strong low frequency presence complements amazing highs to provide an ultimate listening experience.

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