Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long are impressions held?
30 days

Q: Why is it important to completely fill in the order form and double-check all items?
It eliminates confusion and misunderstanding, and tells Microsonic's technicians exactly what you need.

Q: Should I critique each impression that I send to the lab? Why?
Yes! Help Microsonic make the best possible product for your patient by sending perfect impressions.

Q: Does Microsonic make just earmolds, or can I buy a full range of accessories, too?
Part of Full Service is a wide variety of Hearing Health Care Accessories. Please see our accessories page.

Q: Do you ship earmolds via overnight services?
Yes. Premium shipping is available for an extra charge.

Q: How long is an earmold guaranteed?
SIX MONTHS as to fit and feedback – the longest feedback guarantee we know of. There is no guarantee against loss or damage, nor against growth.

Q: What earmold materials are hypoallergenic?
Super Alerite, Super Alerite w/ Silicone Canal, Polyethylene, Medi-Sil Clear and M2000 IG (Implants Grade). These materials cannot be dyed, or they lose their hypoallergenic characteristics.

Q: What colors do earmolds come in?
There's quite a variety, actually, and they're hard to describe accurately over the phone or over the web. Your idea of "brown" may be different from what we can supply, so it's best to send us a sample of what you want. We'll try our best to match it.

Q: How can I get a copy of Microsonic's Accessories catalog or Custom Earmold Manual?
Simply send us an E-mail message at: or phone us at 1-877-376-7139.

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