Impression Materials and Tools

Silicone impression materials come in several forms. The earliest type involves hand mixing putty from a jar with paste from a tube. Our brand is MICRO-SIL.

The most popular silicone impression material today is the silicone-addition system, or equal parts of Parts A and B. A white catalyst is added to a colored base and mixed until a consistent color is achieved. Several varieties and colors of this product are available from Microsonic's Accessory Division, including a single-use example of this product. Products include MEGA-SIL ™, MEGA-SIL ™ SOLOS, SILASOFT and QUIKFLOATERS™.

The third type of silicone system is the cartridge-gun combination, in which the material is mixed in a disposable tip that is changed for each patient. Its advantage is the automatic hands-free mixing and delivery. Microsonic's products are MEGA-PRESS and READY-PRESS.

Also available but increasingly disused is the powder-and-liquid impression material. It requires careful hand mixing in a cup, and is extremely temperature-sensitive after set-up.

Certain tools and materials are essential to the impressioning process. You will need, at a minimum:

  1. An otoscope, for initial inspection of the ear, as outlined above. You may also use the otoscope to verify the final placement of the canal block.
  2. An earlight, to place the canal block.
  3. Cotton or foam canal blocks, to protect the eardrum from damage by impression material if it comes too close.
  4. Blunt-end scissors, to trim the canal block if necessary, and to trim any hair in the ear that may affect the impression.
  5. Impression material, of your choice.
  6. Impression syringe (the best have smooth action and self-cleaning characteristics) or cartridge gun and mixing tips
  7. Order forms; be certain to give the lab all the information it needs to make your earmold correctly.
  8. Shipping boxes
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