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Hands free options are the new trend in today’s consumer world. We offer a wide variety of custom molded solutions that can fit anyone’s needs. Some of our products include and are not limited to electronic hearing enhancement for hunters, custom eartips for in ear headsets, hands free improvements, and a variety of hearing healthcare products.
Where do you, the audiologist, enter into the equation?

We would like you to provide Microsonic with quality ear impressions from the consumers that participate in the Custom Fit™ program.

The consumer will be directed to the Custom Fit™ website. On this website they will fill out a voucher to print out and bring to the Audiologist of their choice for impression taking, ordering, and arranging shipment of their earmolds.

Your company name and contact information will be listed in a database that the consumer will query based on zip code and distance. This is the most efficient means of joining the consumer to the audiologist for the Custom Fit™ program.

Custom Earmold Upgrade

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Custom Fit Supplier Program
Etymotic has selected Microsonic as one of the approved manufactures of the custom molds for the Custom Fit™ program. In turn we are asking you, our customers, to join us in this exciting opportunity.
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