Since 1964, Microsonic has been making the industry's best custom earmolds, both for hearing aids and for non-amplified applications. We've originated the tragus earmold, the advanced design free field mold and the acrylic body/silicone canal mold, among others. Our proven materials are unsurpassed in quality and workability. Microsonic subscribes to a policy of mutual cooperation to guarantee satisfaction and to make every effort to share in the responsibility of assuring customer satisfaction in a quality fitting.

Today, we bring you the same expert care and craftsmanship in the modern era's Open-Fit/RITE earmolds for the marvelous hearing aids that bring ultimate comfort and hearing ability to so many people. These devices are delivering sound quality and fitting flexibility undreamed of a generation ago, and maximize their performance when coupled with acoustically designed earmolds.

The music industry is constantly growing, and encompasses all ages and performance styles, in addition to a variety of listening requirements. From onstage performers to audiophiles, people use listening devices to enhance their experiences. This is a natural market for Microsonic because it takes what we already do to new dimensions. Custom In-Ear Monitors are the choice of professionals, both for the listening quality and for the comfort that comes from wearing a custom-molded earmold. Universal Monitors are more effective with custom-molded sleeves to fit the wearers' ears.

Microsonic also offers one of the largest assortments of accessory products for both the hearing aid wearer and the hearing aid office. Whether it be impression materials, tools, cleaning and finishing products, assistive listening devices or personal ear care products, we have it! And ordering has never been simpler, with our Online Store there for you 24 hours a day.

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Custom Fit Supplier Program
Etymotic has selected Microsonic as one of the approved manufactures of the custom molds for the Custom Fitâ„¢ program. In turn we are asking you, our customers, to join us in this exciting opportunity.
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