Established in 1964, Microsonic sets high standards to provide quality service, craftsmanship, products and materials. As a result, Microsonic is recognized as one of the nation's leading full service earmold laboratories. Microsonic subscribes to a policy of mutual cooperation to guarantee satisfaction and to make every effort to share in the responsibility of assuring cus- tomer satisfaction in a quality fitting.

Using only the highest quality materials available, Microsonic’s highly skilled craftsmen give each earmold individual attention. Following dispenser specifications we handcraft each mold to duplicate the finest details of the impression. Workmanship is guaranteed to be unexcelled, and rigid quality control assures the finest products available anywhere in the industry.

In addition to dedicated attention to quality, Microsonic is continually researching, testing and developing new ideas and materials. Some of our innovations include the tragus earmold, stethoscope adapter mold, advanced design free field mold, the use of a silicone canal in con- junction with hard materials and the tube lock. We hold patents on the exclusive Tube Lock Plus and the popular Microsonic Universal Syringe, plus a design patent on our unique SOLOS package for individual portions of silicone impression materials. Microsonic has also introduced to America a number of established European materials and methods.

Our large Accessory Division is one of the industry’s leading suppliers of top-quality impression materials and supplies, fitting supplies, office tools and accessories, as well as consumer products. A wide variety of these products is always in stock. In addition, Microsonic is among the world’s largest suppliers of preformed earmold tubing. A separate Accessories, Materials, Supplies & Tools catalog is available upon request.


Over the past 75 years vast improvements have been made in size reduction, control circuitry, battery life, and performance. Most of the hearing aids on the market today have more power then our fist company computer back in 1987. Most digital hearing aid devices on the market to- day are extremely feature rich. What this means to us is that most of the acoustic functions that were developed and incorporated into our Earmold designs in past can be digitally reproduced. They advent of the (DSP) Digital Signal Processor Changed the way Earmold Laboratories have to think. With sales of digital (ITE) In The Ear devices on a steep rise over the past 5 years and Digital Earmold Manufacturing up 500% many of the Real Earmolds labs that were in business 10 years ago are gone.

Over the past five years Microsonic has invested in a great deal of resources in insuring that we remain a leader in the Earmold Design and Manufacturing. In our ISO 9001:2008 certified labora- tory we have picked up our pace to keep up with the technological growth of the industry. We have introduced several new materials and processes in order to insure our growth and continue to provide safe, sound hearing health solutions. Refinements have been made to many mold styles to allow for maximum utilization of the manufacturers’ innovations with a strong focus on fit and comfort. Our digital manufacturing department “Micro-Fit” is continually making advancements on mold styles and materials to insure that we can provide custom, quick turn, high quality, and economical molds. We have over 50 years of earmold design and manufacturing experience here at our place and we will continue to add to that knowledge, everyday.

To support and strengthen the relationship between fitters and Microsonic, and in the interest of our common goal of achieving the best results for your clients, we publish our Custom Earmold Manual. Originally published in 1968, it is now used in all 50 states and many foreign nations. It is also used as a standard text in many university audiology programs. This new ninth edition includes the most up-to-date and useful information on earmold technology and will guide the conscientious dispenser in the appropriate use of the currently available options.

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Etymotic has selected Microsonic as one of the approved manufactures of the custom molds for the Custom Fit™ program. In turn we are asking you, our customers, to join us in this exciting opportunity.
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