Musician Earplugs

ER-9, ER-15 and ER-25 Musicians Earplugs attenuate musical sound levels with a minimum change of tone quality. Because the attenuation is essentially flat across the entire sound spectrum, the fidelity of the original sound is preserved and the world doesn't sound muffled. Where sound levels regularly exceed 105 dB, the ER-25 is generally recommended, as there is 10 dB more attenuation than is the ER-15.

Recommended for musicians, sound crews, recording engineers, night club employees, and individuals who experience post-noise-exposure tinnitus, the ER-9, ER-15 and ER-25 are installed in custom-manufactured molds. They require an impression past the second canal bend and a diameter large enough to accommodate a 4mm bore. A short impression can result in unwanted occlusion effect.

Musicians practice and perform in a variety of different settings and they are exposed to high levels os sound, sometimes for long periods. They require different amounts of protection depending on the sound levels they encounter during rehearsals and performances.
Acoustic trauma and sustained exposure to noise are serious causes of hearing loss. Loud sounds can and do damage hearing, with the damage often undetected until it is too late. The list below gives examples of sound levels.

You can find detailed information in the Custom Earmold Manual!

Additional ER-9, ER-15 or ER-25 Filters
Solid Attenuating Plugs
Working environments may change and attenuation needs may differ. It is easy to change the value of the filters in your Musicians Earplugsā„¢ to match your requirements.

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