HUNTER-1 powered by MICROSONICCustom molded hearing enhancement and protection

Get all of your hearing protection and enhancement in a single custom molded package.

Our advanced DSP or Digital Signal Processing offers three programs to the user. With a touch of the button you can select one of three specific hunting sound profiles.

  1. The first program is a low gain (approximately 10 dB) program set for listening “in the woods” in areas with low ambient noise. Example would be, in the woods with no wind or rain
  2. The second program is a medium gain (approximately 15 dB) program designed to increase the hearing range in mid to high frequencies by 40-50% in moderate wind noise
  3. The third and final program is a high gain (approximately 30-40 dB) program designed for over-all increased range in low to mid and mid to high frequencies.(the best setting for tracking moving game).
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Custom molded hearing enhancement and protectionGet all of your hearing protection and enhancement in a single custom molded packa...
Our high precision custom earmolds made with laser technology are proven for the best fitting and effectiveness. In addition to ...
Custom Fit Supplier Program
Etymotic has selected Microsonic as one of the approved manufactures of the custom molds for the Custom Fit™ program. In turn we are asking you, our customers, to join us in this exciting opportunity.
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