An acoustic filter is inserted into a vented HPD, allowing the user to communicate with other people, but still giving some protection against the high impact sound that a gun can produce. The exact performance of HPDs in impact noise is not conclusively known through standard testing, but the literature indicates that HPDs are beneficial in the prevention of noise-induced hearing loss when the wearer is exposed to gunfire. For the greatest protection in this setting, however, solid HPDs are used in conjunction with effective external muffs.
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Custom molded hearing enhancement and protectionGet all of your hearing protection and enhancement in a single custom molded packa...
Our high precision custom earmolds made with laser technology are proven for the best fitting and effectiveness. In addition to ...
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Etymotic has selected Microsonic as one of the approved manufactures of the custom molds for the Custom Fitâ„¢ program. In turn we are asking you, our customers, to join us in this exciting opportunity.
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